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We import and sale of classic and modern vehicles, used Porsche and Audi. Vehicles choose particular in the markets of Western Europe and then imported to the Czech Republic. Sale itself takes place both domestically and in other countries of the European Union.(World)


We also provide a complete pre-sale service. For our customers, we provide complete logistics and vehicle purchase delivered directly to their destination. We follow you on price developments over fifteen markets with traditional and used Porsche and Audi. Across Europe we find the method of delivery of the purchased vehicle for everyone.



Why choose us? 





  • 100+ cars in stock across the European Union​​
  • International delivery vehicles purchased
  • 140-point pre-sale inspection
  • Available on the phone and email 24/7
  • A quick and easy process of buying a car
  • Quality help with choosing a car for beginners
  • Great feedback from customers
  • Real emotions, not just trade
  • We will provide a simple and quick car finance​


Root is simplicty


With us you are assured

All vehicles that we undergo a thorough technical inspection covering 140 points. Vehicles that do not own, but arrange their sale, are exposed to the same uncompromising approach as ours. We guarantee the accuracy of the documents and strive to always provide the vehicle to ensure maximum information. Strict valuation process is also true for classical modern vehicles. We place high demands on quality in all aspects of our business. We have over twenty years experience in the trade of a sports car.

Today, many different people and companies offer on a large number of sales platforms, a large number of vehicles. Modern technology connects our entire world and not as an obstacle to choose your car almost anywhere in the world.

This brings along a number of advantages, but it also greatly complain orientation customer.

Really know how good vehicle? Is it possible to truly prized vehicles reveal "clone"? I will reveal the real technical and mechanical condition of the car itself?







The history of Porsche is very interesting if only because the founder himself automakers Ferdinand Porsche was born in today's Czech Republic. Specifically in Vratislavice near Liberec, still in the era of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. But when Ferdinand Porsche began working in the automotive industry, it was beyond the borders of Germany.

First suggested by German people's car production Volkswagen Beetle, later he began to prepare plans and his own car company. She eventually got its name from the founder himself - Porsche. However, the establishment of the company itself has also worked for his son, Ferry Porsche.

The first Porsche received the designation 64, but has not started to produce. This has been achieved through the 1948 model Porsche 356. Both of these cars were used many components from the Volkswagen Beetle. Unfortunately, shortly after the introduction of the first concept car Porsche 356, Ferdinand Porsche died. In his footsteps and went to his son. A total of nearly 80,000 Porsche 356. Other cars already was not long in coming. Above all they produced sports cars with a focus on the racetrack.

Already in 1968, Porsche introduced to the market its most famous car - Porsche 911. The car became the best-selling car Porsche and also became a symbol of Porsche. Although Porsche 911 has undergone many, many modifications, but the basic shapes to decorate it in production today. Meanwhile, however, Porsche has produced many world famous cars such as the Porsche Boxster and more. Since 2002, he began producing the Porsche Cayenne.





The four rings of Audi emblem is a symbol of one of the oldest car manufacturers in Germany. They represent the union of four until independent car manufacturers: Audi, DKW, Horch and Wanderer and NSU brand, which joined them in 1969, forms the basis of Auto Union today AUDI AG.

AUDI AG has had a turbulent and colorful history. Corporate tradition in the construction of cars and motorcycles dating back to the turn of the century. Technically innovative profile of the two brands Audi and NSU resulted eventually in 1971 the slogan that still applies today: "Vorsprung durch Technik".

In 1899 he founded August Horch in Cologne-Ehrenfeld company A. Horch & Cie. Here constructed in 1901, his first car, had a two-cylinder horizontally mounted engine with an output of approximately 4-5 hp. Two years later the company was converted into a public company. New land for the factory was found in Zwickau. In 1904, serial production was launched. This marked the beginning of a long automotive tradition in Zwickau.

In 1909, a dispute arose between August Horch and the supervisory board of A. Horch & Cie, Motorwager-Werke AG. Horch left the company he founded. Shortly thereafter, it creates a second venture, but could now do business under the name Horch August Horch, so your company named Audi, which is a mere translation of the name Horch into Latin.







A unique approach to selling vehicles Porsche with us ensures that we provide you with a vehicle hearts and know what is good. Whether you are looking for something that will bring joy and unforgettable experience with management, or just a car to his collection, with us you are always satisfied.

We not employ a team of twenty people who are daily in the showroom, but we establish contacts with communities, experts, collectors and fans across Europe and around the world. We have long-term ties with leading logistics companies, and we are always able to provide transportation vehicles precisely to the needs of the time and at a specified location. Vehicles are stored in the strictest confidence. We are constantly learning and discovering new technologies.










What makes us better than others ...

We enjoy it and we can not pass on. Cars are not our only business commodity, but also entertainment and lifestyle. We want to be the best and we work only with the best. The offered vehicles are carefully selected throughout Europe. We can empathize with the needs of the customer and go to meet him. We have a sense of detail and not content with being average.

We work only with trusted business partners and a large part of our contacts is based on personal acquaintances. We are building a team around one name, but we're celebrities. The Porsche or Audi from us, we will take a piece of us, our hearts. We are not afraid to make tough choices, and even present the customer why this is necessary.

We are mobile and does not link our activities to one place, so you can get a car with us from the other end of the planet as well as from Prague.


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